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Herbs, herbs and more herbs!!! Which one is used for.....

After writing the last blog about smudging, I kind of felt like I was leaving readers hanging by not addressing which herbs are used for which purposes. I decided that the least I could is provide a quick reference list with some of my favorites, or some of the most popular ones I know of!

First things first, for those joining us on Tuesday, March 7 for our Full Moon Yoga Nidra and/or our Crystal Workshop, we will be smudging participants who wish to be smudged, as they enter the studio! We will be using a smudge bundle made of homegrown sage and mugwort. I can't wait!!!

SAGE-there are many varities of sage, most are used for clearing negative energy (who doesn't need some of that!!??)

MUGWORT- lucid dreaming, deepens intuitive abilities, removes unwanted energies, brings purification and calming, protects against evil spirits (great to place under your pillow)

ROSEMARY- use for protection

LAVENDER- known for calming

LEMON BALM-spiritual cleansing and calming

BASIL-brings happiness, steadies the mind and brings peace

EUCALYPTUS-protection, health boosting, brings energizing cleansing

ROSE PETALS-used for meditation, calming and attracts love

CATMINT-for love, beauty and happiness within the home or sacred space

These are just a FEW of the plants I grow and care for in my own yard! Then, I harvest, dry and bundle them. I use them at home and bring them to the studio to use or sell to my clients and visitors!

Please know that this is only a short list of herbs that can be used for smudging. There is so much to learn and so much information out there! Who knows what I might plant this spring! Any suggestions??

Hope to see you at Hands to Heart Yoga and Wellness!


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