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Studio Classes

Offering classes from gentle to power, there is a class for everyone!

Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga

A gentle practice, using flowing movements to link breath and postures.

Reduce stress and tension in this slower moving class, while focusing on alignment, flexibility, and strength. 


Because of the slower pace and gentler movement, this class is a good start for beginners, but is a great practice for all levels of experience and flexibility. 


A great way to start your day grounded and focused.

All Levels

A series of poses (asanas) designed to connect movement with breath (vinyasa).  

A moderate intensity class that  promotes strength, balance and flexibility.

Instructors  will demonstrate modifications for those seeking a gentler experience.  Ideal for beginner to advanced levels. 

This truly is a class for everyone!!


Hot Yoga

Hot yoga may improve your immune system, and promote relaxation and flexibility. 

It is a great practice for burning calories.  Practice in a room heated to temps between 85 and 95 degrees. 

Flow ranges from gentle to all levels. 

Yoga Challenge

Yoga challenge is an intermediate yoga that is a bit more challenging than gentle yoga and vinyasa flow.  It incorporates conscious breath-work, vinyasa flows, sun salutations, and balance poses to stretch and strengthen the body.


It focuses on building strength and endurance. It is an excellent form of yoga for burning calories. 


The emphasis is on holding or sustaining a pose to increase muscle tone. 


All are welcome to move and practice at their own pace!  


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga balances the nervous system, as you rest in longer-held postures (3-5min.) to stimulate the non-contractile connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, fascia).

This can help with flexibility, circulation, and muscle recovery.  Yin allows a space to quiet the mind and heal. 

This practice is beautiful for any level. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing, receptive practice. 

Asanas are held for 5 to 20 minutes.  The support of props such as folded blankets, bolsters and blocks, help to relax the body, reduce physical and mental stress, and help the mind let go of negative thoughts and feelings. 

Let stress melt away and emerge with a quiet mind and relaxed body.  An amazing experience for all levels.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique that relaxes the mind and body.

During the practice, you will rest comfortably, with or without props, in corpse pose (Savasana). 

The teacher will bring you through five layers of the self, known as Prana Maya Kosha.

These steps will put you into a calm and restful state of consciousness where you will experience deep relaxation.

The result will leave you with an inner sense of wholeness and gratitude.

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing practice, using breath and movement to transition seamlessly from one asana to the next, while building heat in the body.  


This all levels practice begins with centering and also involves holding poses to tone and strengthen targeted muscle groups. Generally, there are more standing poses than seated and the practice will get the heart rate up. 

A fabulous practice for all experience levels.


Vin and Yin

This class is a heat building vinyasa flow (using breath to transition between poses) combined with some Yin asanas (poses held for 3-5 minutes) sprinkled throughout the practice.

This practice helps to promote strength, flexibility and balance.

Moving at a moderate pace, options and modifications will be suggested for all levels.

Private Classes

Slow Flow Vinyasa

A slow flowing practice, using breath and movement to transition seamlessly from one asana to the next, very much like a vinyasa class, but moving slower to gently awaken the body.


This is a gentle practice that begins with centering and also involves a mix of standing and seated poses.


A fabulous practice for all experience levels.


Private Classes

Private classes are great for a one-on-one session focusing on your particular goals and needs. 

Or maybe you are looking for a fun group class with your family or friends! 

Even great for your team of co-workers who may need some time away to destress and refocus.

Inquire today about scheduling a private class.

Beginner's Yoga

This class is an introduction to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.  

Reduce stress and tension in this slower moving class, while focusing on alignment and posture basics.

Modifications are given, so the class is open to all.

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